Why our product is different?


Dual Frequency

Precis products can support L1/L2 GPS frequency, which gives more robustness for reliability and usability.


Three constellation

Precis can track GPS/Beidou/Glonass constellations. More satellites, more observations..


On board IMU integrated

Precis has on-board IMU, which can do RTK fusion with IMU.


Easy to Use

Precis is easy to integrate with UAV,Agriculture machines, Survey projects.


190 channel tracking

Precis has 190 channels to track the signals, which has better coverage when it's in high dynamic.


Centimeter accuracy

When fix in RTK mode, Precis can provide centimeter absolute accuracy.

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ArduCopter & Tersus RTK Demo

Check it out. How Tersus GNSS RTK works with ArduCopter.
Original from Mr. Michael Oborne and his Ardupilot Dev Team in Australia.



Precis-BX305 Quick Start Video

This quick start video provides basic instruction for setting up and using Precis-BX305 RTK Solutions. For details, please refer to Precis-BX305 User Guide.



Precis-BX305 Road Test Demo

Test Environment: City Streets with Tree Cover & Tall Buildings



Precis-BX316 will be released in Q4

The 7th China Satellite Navigation Conference was held in Changsha, China from May 18 to 20, 2016. As one of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) RTK solutions providers, Tersus GNSS brought the latest product release named Precis-BX316, a dual antenna and frequency RTK board and integrated GNSS solutions for UAVs, Precision Agriculture, Surveying, Navigation and Construction Engineering to participate in the grand event.
Extremely affordable but centimeter-level navigation and positioning accuracy GPS/BDS/Glonass RTK boards from Tersus   Application of Low Cost GPS/BDS Receiver in UAV Precise Navigation and Positioning

As the annual event of satellite navigation, the theme of this conference was “Smart Sensing, Smart Perception” and a series of discussions were organized. In the BeiDou/GNSS Navigation Application session, our engineering expert gave a keynote speech in terms of Application of Low Cost GPS/BDS Receiver in UAV Precise Navigation and Positioning.

Precis-BX316, dual frequency and antenna RTK board with heading, onboard SD card for raw data logging, camera shuttle synchronization

The pilot version of Precis-BX316 RTK board was showed during the conference. Precis-BX316 supports GPS L1L2/BDS B1B2/GLONASS G1G2 and with GPS L1L2 heading mode. It supports up to 20Hz RTK solution output and onboard SD card for raw data logging, which is key for post process and data analysis. Camera shuttle synchronization feature for aerial mapping applications is added as well.

Precis-BX316 supports heading with dual antenna input, which provides accurate yaw and pitch angle of moving platform. The official launch of Precis-BX316 is in Q4 this year and datasheet is ready. If you are interested in this product and require the datasheet, visit the Documents & Software section or drop us a line to sales@tersus-gnss.com. Stay tuned.


Key Features of Precis-BX316