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Tersus empowers users who have been dreaming of being “Born to Fly” with high-precision GNSS RTK solutions. From unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that need centimeter-positioning accuracy in dynamic mode, to drone delivery or aerial-survey that require stable performance over long durations, we design and manufacture lightweight, smart, and precise RTK modules that enable large-scale drone deployment in a cost-efficient way.
Your challenge
Achieving precise dynamic motion tracking while attaining stable performance
Our solution
Tersus GNSS RTK OEM boards & receivers offer centimeter-precision positioning and versatile, compatible interfaces for operation in challenging environments.
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Tersus is constantly working to make each surveying task easier and more productive by providing high-quality GNSS RTK surveying equipment. Our focus is on enabling surveying professionals make data collection more convenient, post (data collection) processing more accurate, and better equipping them to do surveying in the field. Where there is a need for better surveying tools, we are there.
Your challenge
Increasing productivity of surveying from field to office.
Our solution
Tersus David GNSS Survey Receiver offers a complete line of accurate and reliable GNSS RTK survey solutions, from data collection and post-processing through to mobile mode, radio, RTK, base and rover communications.
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Tersus enables modern agriculture to operate more precisely. We’re changing how farming machinery operates by automating the control of guidance that enables farmers to improve productivity with less user input. With the AG guidance & steering solutions, farming tractors can manage plowing, ditching, ridging, seeding, spraying and harvesting automatically and precisely. Tersus offers a better way of making agriculture more efficient.
Your challenge
Reducing farming effort while increasing agriculture production
Our solution
Tersus AG guidance & steering solutions provide precise automated control and guidance of farming tractors. With this precision agriculture technology, Tersus transforms agriculture to work in more productive and safe ways.
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Tersus contributes to the age of autonomous vehicles with centimeter-accuracy navigation technology and easy-to-integrate, flexible GNSS RTK OEM boards, receivers and inertial navigation systems. Our focus is on enabling automated vehicles to achieve centimeter-level accuracy (instead of meter-level accuracy) to improve road safety. In contrast to conventional GNSS equipment, Tersus provides affordable technologies for large-scale applications.
Your challenge
Supporting high-volume autonomous vehicle manufacturers with low-cost, precise positioning technology
Our solution
Tersus GNSS RTK and INS solutions are designed with multi-constellation navigation capabilities and developed for easy integration. For autonomous vehicle manufacturers, it can reduce total-solution costs, improve flexibility and achieve improved road safety.
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October 2014
Tersus GNSS Inc. established
May 2015
BX303 GNSS RTK Board developed
December 2015
BX305 GNSS RTK Board developed
April 2016
BX306 GNSS RTK Board developed
May 2016
Exhibited at 2016 China Satellite Navigation Conference
October 2016
BX316 GNSS RTK Board with Heading developed
December 2016
TX204/TX306 Portal GNSS RTK Receivers developed
January 2017
Tersus GNSS United States established
March 2017
NeoRTK GNSS RTK Survey Systems developed
April 2017
INS-T-306 Inertial Navigation Systems developed
May 2017
Exhibited at 2017 China Satellite Navigation Conference
June 2017
AG960 AutoSteer Systems developed
July 2017
BX316R GNSS PPK Boards developed
August 2017
BX306Z, BX316D GNSS RTK Boards developed
September 2017
Exhibited at 2017 InterDrone in United States
September 2017
Exhibited at 2017 InterGEO in Germany
November 2017
Tersus GNSS Australia established
February 2018
Exhibited at 2018 IGNSS in Australia
March 2018
Tersus David GNSS Survey Receiver developed
April 2018
Exhibited at 2018 AUVSI XPOENTIAL in United States
May 2018
Exhibited at 2018 China Satellite Navigation Conference
July 2018
AG980 AutoSteer Systems developed
October 2018
Exhibited at 2018 InterGEO in Germany
BX316 GNSS RTK Board with Heading
Tersus GNSS in a Nutshell
Year of Establishment: 2014 

Tersus GNSS Australia
Address: Suite 58/11 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141
Tel: +61 3 9018 5598

Tersus GNSS United States
Address: 2025 Gateway Place, Suite 110 San Jose CA 95110, United States
Tel: +1 828 424 9647

Tersus GNSS China
Address: No. 666 Zhangheng Road, Pudong Shanghai, PR China
Tel: +86 21 5080 3061
+ Global Office
More Precision. Better Life.
Shape the future of GNSS applications by creating centimeter-accurate & affordable positioning technologies for our customer and ecosystem partners.
Affordable Centimeter Precision for Everyone
Tersus is a leading Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution provider. Our offerings and services aim to make centimeter-precision positioning affordable for large-scale deployments.

Founded in 2014, we have been pioneers in design and development GNSS RTK products to better cater to the industry's needs. Our portfolios cover GNSS RTK, PPK OEM boards & receivers, David GNSS Survey Receivers, NeoRTK [GNSS survey systems], MatrixRTK [GNSS CORS systems], AG autosteer systems and inertial navigation systems.

Designed for ease of use, our solutions support multi-GNSS and provide flexible interfaces for a variety of applications, such as UAVs, surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, lane-level navigation, construction engineering, and deformation monitoring.
Why Choose Tersus GNSS?
Market insights inform our innovation strategies. In this new era, where complex, autonomous machines and systems drive the global economy and can appear indistinguishable from living things, there has never been a more important time to think about the essentials of businesses. Transformative approaches are adopted to improve how we work and live. Critical insights are applied to exploit emerging market trends.
What are the new markets built and what are the new businesses developed while the GNSS innovation is accelerating?
Will the rising of unmanned aerials vehicles create more exceptional customer experiences?
Will farmers increase productivity with autonomous tractors?
Will surveyors who equip with latest-generation tools gain competitive advantages?
How can taking up innovative technologies reduce economic risks?
Our leadership teams explore all relevant aspects of global markets. From traditional industries, such as surveying and mapping to recently emerging opportunities including unmanned systems, robotics and precision agriculture, we can dedicate ourselves to understanding your business needs.
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