Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Board (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BDS B1B2)

Precis-BX306 is a GNSS/GPS RTK board/receiver for accurate position. It offers real-time, cost-efficient, high-accuracy positioning capability. This GNSS module uses standard serial ports for communication. A special connector makes it easy to integrate to its host devices or autopilots.

This GPS system supports multi-GNSS RTK positioning, which improves the continuity and reliability in challenging environment. The flexible interfaces, hardware size and the main commands make it compatible with GNSS boards in the market.

Precis-BX306 is ideal for precision navigation, precision agriculture, surveying, mapping and UAVs.


  • Supports three constellations, six frequencies
    • GPS L1L2
    • GLONASS G1G2
    • BDS B1B2
  • Supports 192 GNSS channels
  • Pin to Pin compatible with Novatel 615
  • Command compatible with Novatel protocol
  • Up to 20Hz RTK solution and raw data output
  • RTK Positioning Accuracy
    • Horizontal (RMS).……..…....10mm+1ppm
    • Vertical (RMS)…….……..….15mm+1ppm
  • Easy to integrate into Pixhawk and other autopilots
  • Supports camera shutter synchronization
  • LVTTL Serial Port ×2, USB ×1
  • External antenna input through MCX connector
  • Data output: NMEA-0183 and Tersus Binary format
  • Correction: RTCM 2.x/3.x CMR and CMR+
  • Compact design, low power consumption

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