BX305 GNSS RTK Board (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1/Beidou B1B3)

BX305 is a GNSS RTK board which offers real-time, cost efficient centimeter-level positioning capability as well as flexible interfaces for a number of applications, such as precision navigation, precision agriculture, surveying and UAVs. BX305 can be integrated into other host devices or can serve as an independent positioning system, which is dedicated to delivering high precision, reliable positions. BX305 board supports multi-GNSS RTK positioning, which improves continuity and reliability of RTK positioning.

Key Features

  • Support three constellations, five frequencies
    • GPS L1/L2
    • GLONASS G1
    • BDS B1/B3
  • Centimeter level positioning accuracy
  • Rapid RTK integer ambiguity resolution
  • Up to 20Hz position/velocity/time solutions
  • Serial ports with LVTTL
  • Easy to integrate with Pixhawk and other autopilots
  • External antenna input through SMA connector
  • Data output: NMEA-0183
  • Correction: RTCM 2.x/3.x and CMR
  • Support IMU raw data output
  • Support logging of raw observation data
  • Compact design and low power consumption

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Key Spec Comparison

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