AG960 AutoSteer System [Autopilot, Display, Hydraulic Valve, Angle Sensor]

AG960 AutoSteer System is an autopilot solution for agricultural machinery. It represents the best technological combination of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and automation. By integrating high-precision navigation receiver and software, it makes agricultural machines operate in accordance with the pre-set planning path achievable.

AG960 AutoSteer System is comprised by GNSS antenna, vehicle display panel, high-precision positioning receiver, hydraulic valve (steering wheel, optional), angle sensor, etc. With precise GNSS guidance, the hydraulic system of agricultural machinery is steered by vehicle controller. Then agricultural machines can operate align with the set route automatically and graphical details will be displayed on screen. The features and benefits of AG960 show as below.

  • Increase the accuracy of operation in terms of precision agriculture
  • Improve operational quality and productivity
  • Easy to use and applicable for each working cycle of agriculture, such as soil tillage, plow, ditch, ridge, seed, spray, harvest, etc. 

Technical Specification

    • Autopilot Mode: Hydraulic valve
    • RTK Positioning Accuracy
      • Horizontal: ≤1cm
      • Vertical: ≤2cm
    • Attitude Determination
      • Yaw Angle: ≤1°
      • Pitch/Roll Angle: ≤0.5°
    • Update Rate: 1Hz/5Hz/10Hz
    • Autopilot Linear Bias: ≤2.5cm
    • Communication: 3G network, 433/915MHz
    • Operation Range: ≤20km
    • Operation Temperature: -10℃~+70℃
    • Application: plow, ditch, ridge, seed, spray, harvest
    • Ag Machinery Applicable: medium to large size
    • Tractor, Sprayer, Mower, etc.
      • MTBF: 1,000 hours
      • MTTR: 2 hours
    • Power Consumption: ≤90 W
    • 12V battery (agricultural machinery)
    • Equipment Weight: ≤22 kg

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