Use Case & Testimonial

Mr. Stephen Noble, owner of Drone Surveying, used Precis RTK boards to provide land survey and aerial photography service in Australia. By leveraging L1/L2 GPS frequencies for accuracy and reliability, when fixed in RTK or PPK mode, their equipment provides centimeter absolute accuracy. Check it out, click here.

gnss rtk use case gnss rtk use case

gnss rtk use case in drone surveyinggnss rtk use case in drone surveying

Land survey and aerial photography - Stephen Noble, Australia

Mr. Daniel Tampubolon from Institute Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia has done a zero-baseline test of Precis-BX305 for his undergraduate thesis. The test involved 4 GNSS receivers. He used zero-baseline test in order to obtain noise of receiver by single-differencing the raw. Then he found out the characteristic of noise for each receiver by analyzing its spectrum.

Test/Experiment Setup: He connected 4 GNSS receivers, including two Precis-BX305 boards from Tersus (indicating as TerA & TerB in all charts) to one antenna with a one-to-four RF splitter. Then he formed four double different zero baselines between every two receivers and analyzed the quality of the double different observations. Part of the results shown in following figure and details could be found here in PDF file.

Zero-baseline Test Result

Educational Institute - Daniel Tampubolon, Indonesia

"We have been using the Precis-BX305 GNSS GPS system for unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection projects in Australia, New Zealand and Laos. We have a walking UXO detector with the rover and Precis module receiving GPS corrections and outputting sub decimeter accuracy GPS to our data logging system.

The unexploded bombs need to be detected with an accuracy of less than 20cm, and using the Precis system we have easily achieved this. We are happy with Precis-BX305 GNSS GPS system and its performance. "



"I had my 1st successful flight with a Precis-BX305 mounted on my multicopter logging data. I obtained quality 1 throughout the flight."


Drones - Kyle Gardner, Australia

"We have used the Precis-BX305 as a base and rover with the rover mounted on our ScanLook Revolution system. Revolution uses the VectorNav VN-300 which only has an L1 GPS receiver. By adding the Precis-BX305 on-board and post processing its results we can fit the VN-300 trajectory onto the Precis-BX305's trajectory thereby getting centimeter level results."

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Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDAR USA

"With the Precis-BX305, I produced sub-centimeter results using real-time and post processed kinematic in control surveys. Tersus staff have been friendly, helpful and quickly replaced a faulty part.

The documentation required to operate the system is all available online depending on your experience as there could be a very steep learning curve. I look forward to expanding my business and purchasing newer models from the expanding Tersus range."

Surveying - Steve Noble, Australia

 "I am a software developer in Vietnam, and I have worked in Land Survey for 15 years. In the past I have used Trimble GPS, Hemisphere GPS. And Precis-BX305 can be used as GNSS device with professional survey software like HydroPro, HYPACK and routing software in land, sea survey field. It operated smoothly with my system more than I expected."

Land Survey - Nguyen Minh Quang, Vietnam