Our Team

Xiaohua Wen, Founder & CEO

Xiaohua Wen is the founder of Tersus GNSS and has served as chief executive officer since 2014. Prior to Tersus, he progressed through a series of technical and leadership roles at Juniper, Unisphere, and Nortel, applying his engineering acumen and business savvy to the design and development of industry-leading product portfolios.

He most recently financed three million US dollars to establish Tersus GNSS, a company dedicated to high-precision GNSS RTK. In addition to overseeing the company's entire technology portfolio, his responsibilities include driving strategy, company development, and business growth. Before his work in this role, he also successfully won five million dollars in venture capital in the digital currency industry.

Xiaohua earned a Bachelor’s of Automation from Xi'dian University. His interests include telecommunication, GNSS, digital currency, and VR, among others.

Bo Wang, Technical Director

Bo Wang is the technical director for Tersus GNSS. In this role, he is responsible for leading the baseband algorithm for satellite navigation and overseeing the design and development of high-precision GNSS receivers in terms of UAV application.

Prior to his current position, Bo had engaged in the design and development for three GNSS SoCs and a variety of high-precision GNSS receivers. Before joining Tersus, Bo conducted technical research in the fields of GNSS baseband algorithms, SoC, and GNSS receivers for ten years. He received a Bachelor’s of Communication and Information Systems from Harbin Engineering University.

Lei Wang, Technical Specialist

Lei Wang is the senior GNSS RTK engineer at Tersus GNSS. He received his PhD degree from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Lei has been engaged in GNSS precise positioning and navigation for more than eight years and has published more than twenty works in international journals and conferences. He is now working on multi-GNSS precise positioning, GNSS/IMU fusion, and UAV navigation applications.

Our Team

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