Our Company

Tersus GNSS provides real-time, centimeter-level accurate and cost efficient Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning solutions. Designed for easy and rapid integration, our GNSS product lines, the Precis GNSS RTK boards and receivers, offer high-precision capability as well as flexible interfaces for a variety of applications, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs), surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, crop health monitoring, agricultural remote sensing, lane-level navigation, construction engineering, and deformation monitoring, etc.

The Precis GNSS RTK product lines include GNSS RTK boards and GNSS RTK receivers. They support multi-constellation and frequency, which greatly improve the reliability and continuity of positioning performance in challenging environments.

Our dedication to GNSS RTK research and development has earned a growing number of customers worldwide. More than Closer, the motto of Tersus GNSS, demonstrates our commitment to pursue a more precise positioning experience for you.

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