Precis RTK systems offer real-time, cost-efficient centimeter-level positioning capability as well as flexible interfaces for a variety of applications, such as drones, unmanned vehicles, surveying, aerial photogrammetry, mapping, construction engineering, precision navigation, precision agriculture, mining, and many others.

Centimeter accuracy positioning brings new opportunities and expands the applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With the Precis boards, your drones can fly in a more accurate way and can do many things beyond your imagination, such as photogrammetry, surveying, precision agriculture, and monitoring. Precis boards also provide a camera synchronization feature, which allows you to tag the precise location of your images and improve working efficiency and productivity.

Unmanned Vehicles & Robotics
For unmanned vehicles and robotics, more accurate positioning means increased safety and better productivity. Precis boards provide more than lane-level positioning accuracy, which gives more accurate spatial information to avoid collision and help vehicles make a safer, more economical decision. For robotics, a more accurate position means fewer detours and better efficiency.

The GPS RTK technique can acquire centimeter accuracy position anytime, anywhere, and in any weather condition. The field surveyors can easily get three-dimensional coordinates immediately, which greatly reduces their workload and improves working efficiency. Precis boards can work with Field Genius software seamlessly, which makes surveying, mapping, stakeouts, and COGO easy, freeing your surveyors from a heavy workload.

Precision Agriculture
Precise positioning makes large-scale crop health monitoring, customized crop care, and automatic productivity management possible. Precise GNSS positioning technology not only helps guide and schedule tractors and farm machinery—it also helps monitor crops with high resolution images from a drone, which is helpful for crop inspection. Precis GNSS boards will support you as you improve the working efficiency and productivity of your farm.

Construction Engineering& Mining
Precise positioning technology provides an easy solution for construction surveying and stakeouts. Precis boards provide precise and reliable positioning for construction engineers and deformation monitoring. Precis boards also provide accurate positioning for shovels and tracks working in open pit mining so that these unmanned vehicles work smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Mapping & GIS
Precis boards have a compact, lightweight, and power-efficient design and provide centimeter-level accuracy when positioning results. It is ideal for integration with a handheld GIS data collector. Precis boards provide an impeccable GIS and mobile mapping solution for high-end users.