Supported LiDAR USA to achieve high precision application

May 04, 2017

Kevin Dennehy, in his latest article [Hovering in High Performance UAS-based LiDAR Space] of Inside Unmanned Systems, Apr-May issue, mentioned that, “LiDAR USA has developed a lightweight LiDAR specifically for unmanned aircraft that is capable of getting centimeter-level results”. Tersus is contributing a small portion of effort with our GNSS RTK receivers to support LiDAR to achieve more high precision possibilities. Take a look at the article to learn a little bit more of us, click here.

"We have used the Precis-BX305 as a base and rover with the rover mounted on our [ScanLook Revolution] system," Mr. Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDAR USA said. "Revolution uses the VectorNav VN-300 which has two L1 GPS receivers. By adding the Precis-BX305 on-board, and post processing its results, we can fit the VN-300 trajectory onto the Precis-BX305's , thereby getting centimeter level results."

"Emerging applications such as UAS surveying and mapping, laser scanning mapping, remote sensing imaging and VR, not only require high precision at the centimeter level, but also operate in moving, kinematic modes. That presents both challenges and new opportunities for us." Xiaohua Wen, Founder and CEO of Tersus GNSS said.