Call for Photos, Videos, Articles

December 05, 2017

Dear friends

Tersus has a constant need for quality photographs/videos/articles to support our work. We believe you have done many projects with our GNSS products, a RTK/PPK OEM board, receiver or survey system. Wouldn’t it be great if we can showcase the amazing work that you have made?

Share pictures, videos, or even application stories/articles of the most fun activity you’ve ever done with any of Tersus GNSS products and we’ll choose the most interesting, creative and useful materials for our communication!


Type Requirement Reward

*Tersus GNSS product in the photo

*Graph, illustration of product performance with description

*Field operation photo with caption (What kind of task? Who? When and where the photo was taken?)


$25 per each 5 photos max



*Duration > 3 minutes

*Any product realization with Tersus GNSS products is accepted, such as DIY drone, unmanned vehicle, etc.

*Description of what the video is about should be included.

$200 per each

Article, Application Note


*Topics: Tersus GSNS products in a practical case.

*What was the case and how to make it?

*The content should be comprised of project background, the challenge of the project, Tersus GNSS product model, application result, problem solved, your quote, comment or evaluation, etc.

*At least 2 photos included.

$200 per each


*Remark: Once the content mentioned above meets the requirements and be adopted, we will provide the reward accordingly.

*Contact us via email:

*We are working on the fine print and will release them soon.

Looking forward to your participation



Tersus GNSS Inc.