Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1/Beidou B1B3)

Precis-BX305 is a GNSS RTK board that supports three constellations, five frequencies. It is a compact GNSS positioning solution offering real-time, cost-efficient centimeter-level positioning as well as flexible interfaces for a number of applications, such as navigation, precision agriculture, surveying, and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), as well as deformation monitoring.


  • 192 channel for multi-constellation signal tracking (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1/Beidou B1B3)
  • Centimeter-level RTK positioning
  • Dual COM interfaces in TTL level
  • Versatile connectivity (UHF/Serial port/USB port)
  • Supports NMEA 0183/ RTCM3.2/ NTRIP protocols
  • Supports logging of raw observation data
  • Easily integrated into Pixhawk and other autopilots
  • Compact design and low power consumption

Key Spec Comparison

Details regarding Precis RTK Systems (Precis-BX305, Precis-BX306, Precis-BX316, Precis-TX204) key specification comparison, click here.

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