Our Company

Tersus GNSS provides real-time, cost-efficient, centimeter-level GNSS positioning capability as well as flexible interfaces for a number of applications, including surveying, mapping, precise navigation, precision agriculture, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and deformation monitoring.

Tersus GNSS has developed the Precis-BX305 (L1L2 RTK Board), Precis-BX316 (L1L2 RTK Board with Heading), Precis-TX204 GNSS RTK receiver and bundles.

Tersus GNSS has worldwide subsidiaries in Neuchatel, Switzerland; California, United States; and Shanghai, China.

More than Closer: The motto of Tersus GNSS demonstrates our commitment to pursue a more precise positioning experience for you.

Tersus GNSS at a Glance, Video