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Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board Datasheet, click here.

Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Board Datasheet, click here.

Precis-BX316 GNSS RTK Board Datasheet, click here.

Precis-TX204 GNSS RTK Receiver Datasheet, click here.

Antenna-AS3703 Datasheet, click here.

Antenna-AX3702 Datasheet, click here

User Guide & Quick Start

Precis-BX305 User Guide, click here.

Precis-BX305 Quick Start Guide, click here.

Precis-BX305 Dataset

Precis-BX305 Static Data, click here.

Precis-BX305 Kinematic Data, click here.

USB Driver

USB Driver Windows 32bit, click here.

USB Driver Windows 64bit, click here

Tersus GNSS Center

Tersus GNSS Center V1.0.0.7, click here.

Tersus GNSS Center Quick Start Guide, click here.


Tersus GNSS Center is the official configuration software for all Precis RTK boards. It is a PC tool that helps users configure the board and visualize the board running status.

Tersus Rinex Converter

Tersus Rinex Converter V1.4.0, click here.

New features of V1.4.0

  • The leap seconds table (GPSUTC) is added to support conventions from 2006/01/01 to present
  • Supports RTCM messages type 1002 and type 1004
  • Supports RINEX conversion for Precis-TX204


Rinex is short for receiver independent exchange format, which is widely used for post data process. It can help users convert their binary observation data into RINEX format.