Precis-BX316 is coming very soon

October 13, 2016

The Precis-BX316 supports GPS L1L2/BDS B1B2/GLONASS G1G2 and the GPS L1L2 heading mode. It supports up to 20Hz RTK solution output and an onboard SD card for raw data logging, which is key for post-processing and data analysis. A camera shutter synchronization feature for aerial mapping applications has been added as well.

The Precis-BX316 supports heading with a dual antenna input, which provides an accurate yaw and pitch angle of a moving platform. The official launch of the Precis-BX316 is in Q4, and the datasheet is ready. If you are interested in this product and require the datasheet, visit Documents & Software. Stay tuned.

Key Features of Precis-BX316

  • GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BeiDou B1B2
  • Up to 20Hz RTK solution output
  • Accurate yaw & pitch angle of moving platform
  • Shutter Synchronization for aerial mapping and drone
  • Onboard SD Card for data logging & storage
  • Compact and lightweight design